6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Keyboard


6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Keyboard

The keyboard is an important part of any computer because it is used to enter data and commands into the computer directly. Although computers have changed and progressed significantly over the years, not a lot of progress has been achieved in the area of keyboard. The fundamental idea behind the keyboard today is the same as it used to be, with only slight changes that are adapted with modern computers.

If you are in search of a new keyboard for your computer, you need to pay attention to a number of key factors – so that the keyboard satisfies your needs. Remember that selecting a right keyboard is essential, because you are going to spend a lot of time on it, especially if you are playing games on your computer. A high quality, comfortable keyboard can significantly improve overall work or gaming experience, and can save a lot of your time.

Before investing in a keyboard, it is helpful to think about what level of user you are and the performance of the keyboard you truly need, especially when multiple kinds keyboards are available in market. For example, a cheaper keyboard can be bought for less than $80, while a professional keyboard can cost you thousands. Therefore, consider what you specifically need and how much money you want to spend to buy.

Purpose of Usage:

The first parameter to think about before buying a keyboard is definitely what else you want to use it for. In particular, the ideal choice of keyboard largely depends on whether you use it mostly for work or other requirement.

If you want to use it for office work and play part time game, choose an elegant, high-quality keyboard that delivers superior typing performance, allowing you to speed up your computer work. Of course, this keyboard should also fit into the structure of gaming requirement in terms of exceptionally high-quality key response, which is essential so you can easily take part in gaming contests.

Video and other media enthusiasts need to find a keyboard that provides additional media management functions. In particular, these are additional keys that allow you to control the content you are viewing on your computer with just a few keystrokes.

When it comes to travel enthusiasts, they must strive for maximum keyboard mobility. There are nowadays small keyboards on the market that go well with your suitcase. Fold-able keyboards are also available, saving you even more space.

Key Quality:

One of the most important parameters when choosing the ideal keyboard is certainly the quality of the keys. Gamers must avoid gaming keyboards that are too stiff and need to be pressed so far that fingers start to hurt. Unfortunately, such keyboards are still on the market and are usually low-end keyboards. You definitely want to avoid such keyboards, because gaming for hours on such keyboards can cause pain in your fingers and hands.

The best keyboard test is certainly the physical keyboard testing . Before you decide to buy a keyboard, ask the seller to give you a chance to try the keyboard. You do not need to connect the keyboard to your computer to test, as you can also get a “typing” feeling. Try typing something on the keyboard you plan to buy and you will quickly see if that keyboard is “under your fingertips” . If you feel uncomfortable typing, remember that this feeling is likely to continue later, and decide to consider another option.

Different keyboards have different responsiveness when typing, and you need to be careful about that. Therefore, we have keyboards where the typing is extremely rigid but also extremely soft. The keys must offer some resistance, otherwise the type quality may deteriorate. What we want to suggest is that typing feel must not be too “soft”, because it can also negatively affect type quality.

Connectivity Options:

Wireless keyboards are becoming more and more popular on the market, but many wonder if these keyboards offer the same performance as wired keyboards. The answer to this question cannot be straightforward because the supply on the market is diverse. 

We emphasize that cheap wireless keyboards are likely to cause problems, connection may occasionally disappear and overall work experience may not be satisfactory. Meanwhile, mid- to upper-class wireless keyboards provide the same experience as you get with wired keyboard.

Wireless keyboards have a problem with frequency matching, which could interfere with the signal. Therefore, before getting one, you should be aware that there are no similar keyboards or other devices in your vicinity that operate at the same frequencies, as this might impair signal quality and may cause delay in keyboard speed. You might not feel it during general work, but definitely it’s going to be noticed while playing games.

As for the classic cable keyboards, they used to have different ways of connection, but today the way of connecting is standardized. In particular, such keyboards are generally connected to computers via a USB port, which is great because we are used to this port and it is standard on all devices.

things to consider before buying a keyboard

Compatibility With Your Device:

Keyboards are not one of the devices with which you should have compatibility problems. In particular, keyboard ports have long been standardized and all keyboards should work with the most popular operating systems we know. Most of us mainly use Windows systems, while Linux and MacOS users are significantly less present in our market. 

Regardless of what happens, the keyboards are tuned to these three systems and you shouldn’t have any significant problems. However, before purchasing, it’s still a good idea to check which systems are supported by the keyboard you wish to purchase.

In order for the keyboard to function fully, you will probably need to install a driver or a small gadget on your computer. The keyboard specifications always state which systems are supported, so pay close attention.

We would also like to highlight that we have keyboards on the market that can also connect to smartphones and support Android systems. Usually these are small fold-able keyboards that can be very useful for travel enthusiasts.

The fold-able keyboard is as big as a smartphone and can easily be put in your luggage, making typing and working on your smartphone a lot easier. Some of these keyboards also come with a touch-pad, which makes it easier to navigate when using your smartphone.

things to consider before buying a keyboard

Additional Function Keys:

The main difference between the keyboards is precisely in the additional function keys. Here we mean extra keys that do not appear on standard keyboards, allow users to perform advanced actions (depending on their needs). We will emphasize here that when picking a keyboard, make sure it has a numeric part (if you need that part), because many modern gaming keyboards lack that part because of its slimmer and smaller design.

The extra function keys are designed to help you work with your computer. We mentioned in the introduction that media lovers should pay attention to whether their new keyboard provides buttons for pausing, scrolling and skipping video content, or whether it also allows you to control audio and various other parameters. 

Depending on the manufacturer, the keyboard may have several additional function keys that try to improve the keyboard experience. Gamers and media lovers should definitely pay attention to these extra buttons, while other users may not consider it so important.


Design and Lightning:

The market brings a varied selection of keyboard designs and the choices are truly limitless. From small, streamlined wireless keyboards to classic keyboards with no extra keys, all the way to rugged keyboards with a wealth of extra buttons and options. Choosing a keyboard design depends heavily on important preferences and financial resources, but the range on the market really doesn’t limit you.

When choosing a keyboard design, make sure that the keys are large enough and there is enough space between them. Then check what the actual dimensions of the keyboard are and whether they match your preferred size. Foldable keyboards are a relative newcomer to the market and could be popular in the years to come – because they deliver super performance with very little space.

If you plan to work at night, check illuminated keyboard. For keyboards, only letters can be illuminated and whole keys can be illuminated. Some keyboards also have natural white light, while others let you choose the color of your choice. There are plenty of options, and if you need keyboard lighting, pay attention to this segment.

things to consider before buying a keyboard

Choosing the ideal keyboard is a harder task than we think. After all, the keyboard is the basic way of communication between the user and the computer, and it is quite certain that you will spend a lot of time at the computer working with your keyboard. That’s why the keyboard needs to be of top quality and comfortable so that you can browse smoothly and comfortably.


Above are some important parameters that you should consider before purchasing your new keyboard. First of all, consider what type of user you are and how you are going to use the keyboard in the near future. After that, clearly define your needs and specifications and look for keyboard that regulates your needs. A quality keyboard ensures that you have a comfortable and seamless work experience on your computer – and that’s exactly what you want.

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