Alienware 610m Wireless Gaming Mouse Review


Alienware 610m Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The Alienware brand is ranked high among players, mainly because of its traditionally unconventional design but also its quality. Their new Alienware 610M mouse is no exception.

Sensor typeOptical (16,000 DPI)
Dimensions133,3 x 77,6 x 49,2 mm
Time119 g (without cable)
Number of keys7
Connector typeUSB Wireless Adapter, Micro-USB Cable
Warranty1 year 

The Alienware 610M is a wireless mouse that sits at the very top of the company’s offerings, both in price and in features. For $ 639 retail, it comes with a wireless mouse equipped with a powerful sensor and a thrilling battery.

The Alienware 610M mouse is a symmetrical shape, which, due to the side buttons located on one side, can only be fully used by the right-handers, or those hold the mouse in the right hand. The upper part of the mouse looks normal, and the lower part has two protrusions that resemble squid fins. 

These unusual protrusions seem unconvincing, but even at first use, it becomes clear that there is no reason to worry – they really do have a function. On the left, naturally, sits the middle part of the thumb of a medium-sized fist, and on the other naturally sits the root of the little finger. As a result, the palm touches the surface minimally, so it does not create unwanted resistance when playing. 

The mouse is certainly designed to be used with palm flu, but it is interesting that, despite its weight of 119 grams, it is no problem to hold it with your fingertips. In this case, the mouse drags slightly backwards,

The mouse, except for the three usual keys (left, right and wheel), has two side buttons and a lever located under the wheel. We move this lever up and down to activate two micro switches. The lever is assumed to be a function of changing the sensitivity of the sensor, but it can be reprogrammed in the Alienware Command Center firmware, as well as the side keys. 

This software is a bit more complex than it should be, so it takes a while getting used to, but ultimately it has everything you would expect from it – including support for macro command recording, profile definition, sensor resolution, adjusting the distance at which it recognizes ground movements, and many more.. Below the mouse are two switches, one to turn off the mouse and one to adjust the scroll wheel.

The mouse uses a 2.4 GHz wireless adapter to connect to the computer, and can be used on a wire that charges the built-in lithium-ion battery as needed. This battery has a declared life of up to 350 hours, but this value can only be achieved by turning off the lights. With the lights on, it lasts about a week, depending on the intensity of use, which is still impressive.


alienware 610m wireless gaming mouse review

Inside the mouse is a highly capable 16,000 DPI optical sensor. A specific model is not listed on the manufacturer’s site. It only states that it is a sensor that uses only this mouse, but according to specifications, and considering the frugality, we would say that it is a sensor based on the same technology used by Logitech’s Hero sensor. Either way, the sensor is very accurate, with no noticeable input lag or acceleration, and reliable on all sensitivity settings and reasonable speeds, but also on all substance except glass.

It is a pleasure to use this mouse, and if we have to find an issue in it, then it is going to be the quality of the side keys. They are made of glossy plastic, so they are not particularly comfortable to use and, after pressing feels a bit spongy and cheap. Other than this, we only have words of praise for this mouse.


  • Performance
  • Comfortable in hand
  • The battery lasts forever
  • Aesthetics


  • The side keys are cheap
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