wired vs wireless for guitar

Wired Vs Wireless for Guitar: Which is Better?

The topic of “wired vs wireless for guitar” Has always been a highly controversial topic among guitarists, and even more so among bass players, with aspects such as radio frequency ranges, sound, dynamics, background noise, range, dropouts and battery consumption being the focus, but the safety aspect is completely left out . Wireless This is … Read more

What are WiFi Mesh Systems and How can They Improve home WiFi?

A small revolution began to happen in the world of home networks last year. From professional backgrounds came the so-called mesh Wi-Fi systems, which bring mesh topology to our homes. What are WiFi Mesh Systems and how this will permanently solve all the Wi-Fi issues you may have, find out in this guide. Table of Contents Behind … Read more

best router placement in home

What is the Best Router Placement in Home?

Most people prefer to put their router out of sight. We’re guilty of this too, so don’t worry! No judgement here. However, a lot of people do put their router in the meter cupboard, which is about the worst place for a router you can choose. So, what is the best router placement in home?  … Read more

What is Powerline Adapter? And Which One is Best for You?

Ever wonder how lamp poles are turned on at night, and then turned off again? I don’t either. But what is interesting is that lampposts use the same technology that homeplugs use for internet via the wall socket or powerline adapters! What is powerline adapter? How does wifi via power outlet work, what are the … Read more

How to Setup WIFI Range Extender?

Of course, nobody wants while they are relaxing with a good Netflix series or an online game; their internet starts to falter. Or even worse: while uploading a vital document just before a deadline, the wifi signal fails! A wifi extender can prevent such disasters. However, setting up such a wifi extender can be somewhat … Read more