7 Steps to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming Quickly


7 Steps to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming Quickly

Want to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming? We’ve concluded 7 important steps to give your computer the boost it needed for many games.

Windows 10 is an impressive operating system. Compared to the previous versions, the “ten” has brought many improvements and features, which have taken usage to a new level. To make things better, Windows 10 is still progressing, thanks to new things we discover every day, as well as new upgrades with a high level of reliability and usability.

But just like any other operating system, Windows 10 is not always “perfect”. To get the most out of it, it needs a little tweaking and modifying, especially for the gaming segment. Are you a gamer or do you want to become one? Do you want to optimize windows 10 for gaming to get the most out of it? Keep reading this article to find the top methods to get a boost your computer may need for a perfect gaming experience. 


Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming with the Help of Gaming Mode

how to optimize speed up windows 10 for gaming

Game Mode is a fantastic way to optimize Windows 10 for gaming. Later updates of the Windows 10 system included a special game mode explicitly designed for gamers.

To access Gaming Mode, press the Windows key + I, type Gaming Mode in the search engine, and then click Control Gaming Mode to optimize Windows 10 for gaming easily.

On the newly opened screen, click Gaming Mode. Turn it on or click Activate, and that’s it, you’ve turned it on. Gaming Mode will not only improve your gaming experience, but the overall general usage of your computer will now become smooth as well.

Disable Automatic System Upgrade Or Delay It

how to optimize windows 10 for gaming

One of the not so cool features that Windows 10 has in itself is the ability to automatically upgrade the system. By default, Windows automatically downloads all available upgrades and reboots your system after downloading and installing it. This all happens without your permission, unless you put an end to it.

Why is automatic download of upgrades a bad thing? For several reasons. The first one is that every time you download updates, the internet speed drops. If you plan to play a game, especially if it’s an “online” game, don’t forget this while upgrading your windows. 

Besides the fact that your online experience is noticeably slower, the computer itself will slow down as processor is likely to utilize more resources for updates. What can you do in these situations? There is something you can do, and here’s what.

Although you can’t disable the automatic updates or restart of your computer completely, you can postpone it for a while. To get started properly, press the Windows and I keys on your keyboard and go to “Update and security – Windows Update – Advanced Options – Update Options“. Within these options, turn off the one called “Automatically download updates, even through measured data connections”. 

This is the best way to minimize interruption while gaming during windows upgrade as we know how important this is especially if you’re playing Battlefield or Call of Duty.

Leave the “We’ll show you a reminder when to start again” option enabled. If you leave this on, Windows will warn you several times when the system will restart, after that the installation of the upgrade will start.

Disable the Steam Service to Automatically Update Games

how to optimize windows 10 for gaming

If you play games on windows, there is a high chance you might have played at least once by steam.

Steam, although beneficial and user-friendly in many ways, just like any other service, has some imperfections. Some of these are less annoying, while others are more disruptive and distract us more. 

One such option is the ability to upgrade with Steam. Every time Steam automatically upgrade (i.e., when it starts upgrading games), your internet speed drops and the game you’re currently playing begin to lag. Luckily, there is a way to disable automatic upgrades on Steam.

Click on the Steam client, go to the upgrade options in Steam – Settings – Downloads and disable the option “Allow downloads while playing”. After disabling this option, Steam is will no longer be upgraded while playing games, which improves your internet connection significantly and can increase your fps.

To prevent Steam from upgrading irregular games, right-click on the games installed in your Steam game library and select “Properties – Automatic updates and go to Update this game only when I start it “.

Set up visual effects in Windows 10

how to optimize windows 10 for gaming

Another thing that can greatly hinder you from playing (but mostly other activities you do on your Windows computer) is the graphical user interface or GUI. Why is that so? Because the graphical user interface options are set “by default” to make Windows 10 look visually appealing (regardless of how the system itself operates)

If you wish to achieve a bit more performance in games and in general on Windows 10, it might not be a bad idea to modify the visual effects. After that, the Windows 10 interface no longer appears so fancy and visually representative, but all your apps (and most games) are going to run a little smoother. It is highly recommended if you have a laptop or PC with about 4 GB of RAM and you want to maximize its performance.

Press the Window and I keys simultaneously again, type performance in the search engine and select “Adjust Windows appearance and performance – Adjust for best performance – Apply – OK” from the options. Then switch to Advanced and enable the Customize best performance option for the programs. 

If all went well, the Windows 10 interface may look unattractive visually, but you ought to feel a slight boost when playing games and running applications.

Use Power Management Option 

how to optimize windows 10 for gaming

A large number of users rarely notice the power management options on their computer. This is understandable, especially if the user has a desktop computer with high specification. However, if you are looking to get more out of the performance (and especially if you have a laptop), regulating your power management schedule can help you in this segment again.

You can change your power options by going to “Power and sleep settings – Additional power settings”. You can access these options by pressing the Window and I keys again and typing power in the search engine. Here you can see three predefined plans for energy consumption. By default, the computer is set to “Balanced” or “Balanced power consumption”.

To achieve more performance, though, we need “High Performance” or high performance. If you have a little more knowledge about these options, in addition to selecting the “High Performance” plan, you can click on it and specify more features, allowing you to further customize the options. Keep in mind that a high performance plan, while offering you better and smoother operation, consumes more power.

Make Sure All Drivers on your Computer are Updated

how to optimize windows 10 for gaming

The core of every computer is working memory, the processor and the graphics card. Of course, the graphics card is the most important of these three components, as without it we simply wouldn’t have a visual representation of everything we do on our computers. Like all other components, graphics cards need regular upgrades. A software upgrade and a download of updated driver versions.

New drivers can not only help you get the best out of your graphics card, but also provide you some new features (such as improved compatibility with some games, for example). This further contributes to the quality of the gaming experience, the game play is going to be smoother and your computer overall performs better.

The easiest way to check if your video card has the latest updates is to visit the official website of the manufacturer. AMD and Nvidia are currently the two sole players in the world of graphics cards. By going to their official site, you should know if your computer’s graphics card is up to date. If not, download the upgrades and the matter should be resolved in a few minutes.

Install DirectX 12

how to optimize windows 10 for gaming

DirectX is an extremely useful subroutine that every computer should have, not only for the ability to play games, but for a whole range of other things. Currently, Microsoft’s latest DirectX is DirectX 12. It is only compatible with Windows 10 and as such is extremely important for the performance of gaming PCs. 

If your computer lacks DirectX 12 and you wish it to have the best gaming experience, you should install this program as quickly as possible. This way, you can see if DirectX 12 is already installed on your computer or not:

  • Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously, type dxdiag in the search engine and click OK. The diagnostic tool appears.
  • If your computer does not have DirX 12, go to “Update and security – Windows Update – Check for updates” and wait until the updates have been downloaded and installed.

Optimizing Windows 10 for gaming is going to pay off in the long run. In addition to boosting the performance of your gaming PC, it generally works better, faster and smoother, regardless of what you use it for. The optimization process is simple, fast and not too much work, and the advantages are countless.


Automatic updates can slow down your computer, and the use of an energy plan helps you utilize the best of resources. On the other hand, gaming mode is beneficial features in Windows 10. With the combination of all seven methods, you can achieve about a 10% boost. However, this is not everything there may be other ways around as well to enhance overall performance. And as a fellow gamer, we would love to know about them. Feel to contact us or comment below.

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