How to Setup WIFI Range Extender?


How to Setup WIFI Range Extender?

Of course, nobody wants while they are relaxing with a good Netflix series or an online game; their internet starts to falter. Or even worse: while uploading a vital document just before a deadline, the wifi signal fails! A wifi extender can prevent such disasters.

However, setting up such a wifi extender can be somewhat confusing for some. That is why we are happy to help you in this article on how to set up wifi range extender.


Difference between WIFI Extender, WIFI Repeater, and Powerline Connection

If you are in search of a device that can enhance your existing WiFi range, you would undoubtedly come across several similar but somewhat different terms such as WiFi repeater, WiFi extender, and WiFi booster. Often these terms are used interchangeably, but there is a significant difference in the operation of these devices:

Generally, the term WiFi repeater is used when the extended device only receives the signal from its main router and boosts or repeats it. The WIFI repeater does not create a new network of its own and is always dependent on the primary router.

A wireless range extender – or WIFI extender – is a stand-alone device that uses a wired connection (a coaxial cable or jack) to connect directly to your home network and create a second WIFI network outside your router’s primary coverage area. 

If the repeater and main router are connected in a wireless connection, you may experience a slight decrease in connection speed since the WIFI repeater cannot send and receive at the same time. Although it switches quickly between sending and receiving, this may still influence the speed of your connection, which is more evident when many devices are connected. Therefore, it is recommended to connect your main router and wireless extender via a coaxial cable so you can minimize the transmission loss.

There is another option, The WiFi extender via a powerline connection. In this kind of extension system, the network use a combination of multiple hardware and your home power line cable to create a reliable connection between your network and end devices.

How to setup wifi range extender

How to Setup WIFI Range Extender: The Global Steps

Setting up the WiFi repeater is fairly easy if you know how to do it. Almost all of them have a WPS button.

By first pressing the WPS button of the router and then that of your repeater, you can get started with a number of brands immediately. Your signal is automatically picked up and transmitted by the WiFi repeater.

In some cases, however, you have to do some extra work.

  • Choose a place where the repeater is relatively free of obstructions. Keep it away from other devices such as microwave ovens, baby monitors, and so on. In short: follow the same guidelines as you do when choosing the best place for your router in your house.
  • Connect the repeater to a working power outlet at the location of your choice within the range of your existing WiFi coverage.
  • It is recommended by manufacturers to connect repeater with your computer or laptop directly with an ethernet cable. However, you can also connect through repeater’s WIFI network which is often named as ‘WIFi Repeater’ or the brand name of the product manufacturer.
  • When they are connected, open properties of your computer ‘s local network by following step below.
    In Windows, select Start> Control Panel> View network status and tasks> Manage network connections . Then right-click on “Local Area Network” and choose Properties> Internet Protocol version 4> Properties .
    In MacOS, select the Apple icon> System Preferences> Network . If you use WiFi, go to Wi-Fi> Advanced> TCP / IP . If you use ethernet, you go to Ethernet . At “in both cases select “Manual” .
  • Check the repeater’s instructions to be sure, default IP address that you enter in the relevant empty field is usually in the format of or similar as ( then enter common series of numbers for the subnet mask which is usually ( and the default gateway (often ). Again: check wireless extender manual for exact values!

Now it’s time to configure WIFI extender on web interface. 

  • Open a web browser and type in the address bar. If you are asked to enter a DNS server address, leave this field blank. If you are asked for a username and password, try to enter “admin” in both fields or “admin” as username and “password” as password. This will take you to the Setup Wizard.
  • Select the Wireless Repeater mode and click ” Repeater – OneKey Setting” if applicable. When it appears, select the wireless network selection button and click “Refresh the List / Refresh List” .
  • Choose the wireless network of your main router to connect the repeater to the router and click Next.
  • Enter the password of your WiFi network in the “Pre-Shared Key” field when you are asked if the network is secure. Now click Apply> Restart> OK .


With the help of WPS button you can setup extended network within few seconds. If that doesn’t work for you and you have to do manually then still process would take few minutes at most. During the process, If you face any trouble feel free to comment below or message us via contact form page and we will be more than happy to help you.

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