How to Quickly Restart or Shut down Computer with Keyboard Shortcuts [Windows 10]


How to Quickly Restart or Shut down Computer with Keyboard Shortcuts [Windows 10]

Have you ever found yourself willing to shut down the computer with a keyboard or put it to sleep without the need to use a mouse? Probably you’re searching for a solution to reboot your computer because your mouse no longer works. Or you wish to be more efficient and quicker by using your mouse as little as possible.

We are going to reveal three quick methods that may come in handy in your daily work to restart or shut down the computer with a keyboard. They are easy to remember, and when you begin to use them, we believe you will be looking for ways to do other things on your computer without a mouse.

Method 1: Use the Power User Menu shortcuts

This method is not a simple hotkey, but rather a series of keys that you have to press to do specific tasks on your computer. However, this works irrespective of your computer configuration, and you are not required to modify anything in Windows.

Press the Win + X key combination to open the Main User menu (see image). It opens the options available to you, such as log out of Windows, shut down or restart your computer, sleep mode, etc.

Just by pressing the correct (underlined) letter, you can initiate this action. So the sequence is as follows: you press the Win + X key combination mentioned above to open the menu and then press one of the letters below as per your requirement:

  • Press “U” to turn off the computer
  • Press “R” to reset the computer
  • Press “S” to send the computer to sleep mode
  • Press H to hibernate

Method 2: Alt + F4 Sleep Mode

As you probably know, you can press Alt + F4 to shut down your windows or specific application. For example, if you have Microsoft Word running, and you press the above shortcut key, the application will close.

Alt + F4 works the same as pressing the “X” icon in the upper right corner. But if you have nothing opened, and you press Alt + F4 , a window will open in which you can quickly send your computer to hibernate mode or shut down.

shut down computer with keyboard

According to your operating system, the default option would either be; shut down or sleep in the new window. Once you select the desired option, just press Enter, and that’s all. If the desired option is not selected by default, use the up and down arrows to select and press Enter.

Method 3: Create Shortcut for Specific Action

There is no predefined single key in Windows 10 that you can squeeze and immediately send your computer to shut down or restart mode. Fortunately for one click operation, why you can create your own custom shortcut that will do the job.

Creating a shortcut:

To do this, just right-click on a blank space on the desktop and select New> Shortcut.

The resulting box opens and you have to enter something. More specifically, what that shortcut on the desktop will do.

shut down computer with keyboard shortcut

– To shut down your computer immediately and close any open programs, enter the command in the resulting box:

“ Shutdown.exe -s -t 00 -f ” (without quotes)

– To create a sleep shortcut , enter the command:

“ Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll.SetSuspendState 0,1,0 ” (without quotes)

After that just press “ Next ” and then “ Finish ” and that’s it.

Add a keyboard shortcut

You now have two desktop shortcuts that can shut down your computer or send it to sleep. It’s also useful to add a keyboard shortcut that will quickly call those shortcuts, so you don’t have to start them with your mouse. The whole point of this story is not to use the mouse or use it with minimal effort.

Right click on the shortcut you made on your desktop and select “Properties.” Select the “Shortcuts” tab at the top, and within the “Shortcut key” option, enter the key combination that you want to assign to this shortcut.

Of course, you want to choose a key combination that is not used already for some other operations, and some combination that is not so easy to squeeze accidentally. You don’t want to do something and unexpectedly shut down your computer or send it to sleep. When done adding an abbreviation, press the “OK” button, and that should be it.

shut down computer with keyboard

If you ever want to remove this shortcut from your computer, just delete the shortcut file from your desktop

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