Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Mice in 2020


Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Mice in 2020

Budget gaming mice are around with hopes, yet it is essential to make the right choice. With low-cost mice, you need to pay close attention to the price/quality ratio, so you do not make a wrong purchase.

Gaming is part of daily life nowadays. In the past gaming was for ‘nerds’, but in every generation, one can find some gaming blood. Previously you had to wait a long time for a Nintendo or Playstation 1; now every child has a smartphone in their hand. So it’s logical that gaming is becoming an increasingly common hobby. Many thanks to the online streaming industries, they also set a lot of things in motion.

From standard mouse to gaming mouse, we have come a long way. Currently, you can improve your playing style and level by buying premium gaming gear. Extra buttons on your gaming mouse save an online millisecond. Therefore, correct bindings and knowing your controls is the utmost importance.

1. LOGITECH – G305

In budget, you have an excellent gaming mouse in your hand. This G305 Prodigy Lightspeed is a somewhat inferior version compared to the G502 or G903. But it is not much lower in performance than the G502 or G903. The G305 uses the same Logitech Hero Sensor that can be set up to 12000 DPI. 

Although wireless, it uses the Light-speed connection, with a rate of 1000 Hz. This mouse is not USB rechargeable, one AA battery is enough for 100 hours of gaming. This mouse is often described as a ‘claw’ or ‘finger-grip’ gaming mouse.


  • 12,000 DPI HERO optical sensor
  • Lightweight Design
  • Max. speed: > 400 IPS
  • Ultra long battery life


  • Wireless (Some might not like it)


The ergonomic design ensures a good grip that is comfortable for a long time. The curved design allows the mouse to fit firmly in the palm of your hand. Like the Logitech G303, there’s rubber on both sides to give the gamer extra grip. 

A major selling point for SteelSeries is its custom-designed mouse buttons. Manufacturer claimed that a SteelSeries mouse can handle up to 30 million clicks. The left and right mouse buttons feel pleasant to the touch: soft click, little noise, quality feel. The DPI of this mouse can be set from 400 to 6500 DPI.


  • Optical tracking esports sensor
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Customizable lighting


  • No button to turn off lights
  • Can’t adjust DPI without installing software

3. CORSAIR – M55

Eight programmable buttons, a strong pro sensor that goes up to 12400 DPI, more than 16 million colors to set the lighting. You might think that the M55 may have added by a mistake in the list of in-expensive gaming mice. Well that’s not true, It’s well within budget of most of the gamer. 

The Corsair is incredibly light and feels very good in the hand. The M65 is not wireless, but the braided wire is very flexible and absolutely does not interfere. DPI is adjustable via the buttons on the mouse.


  • Ambidextrous design
  • 12,400 DPI optical sensor
  • Lightweight (86 grams)
  • Eight programmable buttons


  • Some reviewer claimed wheel is light and flimsey


Although this brand is not so well known, this mouse has an excellent price/quality ratio. The Cooler MasterMouse MM830 Gaming Mouse features 8 programmable buttons and a specially designed D-pad that can be managed with the thumb. The ultra-precise optical sensor and the durable materials and buttons ensure an enjoyable gaming experience. 

Special features of the MM830 are the customizable OLED and integrated D-pad for quick access to the most important macros. The optical sensor in the MM830 can be tuned with software to track up to 24,000 DPI. In case you prefer precision over speed, the DPI is directly adjustable. The minimum DPI is 100. On the entire PCGG website this is the most diverse gaming sensor.


  • Hidden integrated d-pad
  • 24K DPI sensor 
  • Customizable 96×64 Display
  • Precision wheel 


  • Might not suitable for every grip

5. TRUST – GTX164

If we go really cheap, we end up with the Trust GTX164. Economical but also good, this mouse has 12 programmable buttons. Moreover, this mouse is also described as an MMO or MOBA mouse by 8 different mouse buttons. Setting up macros, saving game profiles, DPI up to 5000, this mouse has a lot of advantages. 

Because of the same reason, one has to be careful, too many advantages for too little money often brings hidden disadvantages. How long this mouse keeps up your gaming depends on the use and maintenance. If you want a better mouse, grab one of the 4 above.


  • 12 Buttons
  • DPI up to 5000
  • Four gaming profile memory
  • RGB LED Illumination


  • Feels cheap and fragile
  • Too many button at one place

FAQs About Gaming Mice:

What to Consider in Picking the Best Mouse for Gaming?


Choosing a gaming mouse depends on the genre of game you want to play. Logically there are 2 buttons needed; left and right mouse button. If you’re playing an FPS (First Person Shooter) then you might want at least 2 extra buttons to be able to quickly change weapons or throw grenades automatically. If you prefer to play an RPG (Role Playing Game), it’s better to have more than 4 buttons to quickly select all your items. League of Legend fans should buy a gaming mouse in between.


In our list we focus on the characteristics that are important for a gaming mouse. These features are mainly; weight and size, adaptability of the mouse, cursor and accuracy, possible DPI values, extra buttons, wireless or portable, LED & design, and driver software. A lot of dots to look at, but hopefully we help you on your way to the right choice.


The way a gaming mouse fits in your hand is one of the most important factors in determining the best gaming mouse. It can determine your game, fore see burden after long gaming or even start hurting you. Each product has a unique design (except fake of course) and is designed to fit ergonomically and elegantly in the hand. The most important thing is comfort and control, everything must be accessible to your hand.

Suit Your Grip:

Within the range of best gaming mice there are 3 grips or ways of holding a mouse. The first and best known is to control the mouse with the palm of your hand. There is also a ‘claw grip’ where you press your thumb and little finger to control the mouse. The least used way of gaming is by using only the fingers. Among them, There is no right or wrong way to hold a gaming mouse, everyone has his preference, It’s ideal to select a mouse that suits your grip.


The best way to get better on the battlefield is to have a gaming mouse that is adaptable or ‘customizable‘. Understand the difference between 100 DPI and 2200 DPI and you will see how this can help you. Games that expect high response speeds such as Counter Strike or Battlefield work best with a gaming mouse with a high DPI level. Extra buttons will always come in handy. It is better to quickly press a button with your thumb instead of looking for where B is on the keyboard again.

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What types of Gaming Mice are Available in Market?

People who are not gamers themselves assume that the best gaming mouse is the one with the most options and buttons. A real gamer quickly tells you that this is not true.

Every mouse on the market is designed for a certain genre or sometimes even for a certain game. In broad lines there are 5 categories, and thus also 5 types of gaming mice. MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online), FPS (First Person Shooter), RTS (Real Time Strategy), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and RPG (Role Playing Game).

That being said, as per our opinion, it’s absurd to buy a gaming mouse for any type of game. We are looking for the best gaming mouse because every gamer wants to buy one mouse that works for most games.

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