What is Powerline Adapter? And Which One is Best for You?


What is Powerline Adapter? And Which One is Best for You?

Ever wonder how lamp poles are turned on at night, and then turned off again?

I don’t either. But what is interesting is that lampposts use the same technology that homeplugs use for internet via the wall socket or powerline adapters!

What is powerline adapter? How does wifi via power outlet work, what are the disadvantages and when internet via power does NOT work? We will cover all of this in this article.

The technology is called: “Power Line Communication” This is what you want in your home if you don’t feel like pulling cables.

How does Powerline Adapter work via Electricity?

The homeplug adapters are very easy to use. They can be used in all sockets in the house and usually come in sets of 2. The idea is that you plug one powerline adapter into the socket next to the router/modem and connect it to an ethernet cable. The second adapter can be placed somewhere in the house where wifi is needed.
How to setup wifi range extender

So it’s quite straightforward:

  • Plug one adapter into the power outlet near the router/modem
  • Connect the adapter to the router/modem using an Ethernet cable
  • Place the other adapter somewhere in the house where you want internet via electricity!

Please note that the homeplug you bought also has a built-in wifi access point. This way you no longer have to buy an extra wifi router or access point where ever you want wireless internet in your house. Below we will guide you on which powerline adapter is best for your house.

Best Powerline Adapter for Home:

People are distinct and that’s why each of us has different wishes, of course, which is why we have chosen a number of different options for you.

Best Option: Devolo dLAN 1200+ WiFi 1200 Mbps

what is powerline adapter

If you are in search of fastest powerline adapter, and want to pick the best one for your needs, this Devolo model is for you. With a speed of 1200 Mbps, the Devolo adapters are very suitable for the toughest network tasks, such as online gaming and streaming movies.

The big advantage of these adapters is they have an integrated power socket, so you can also connect other devices and Devolo dlan would still work perfectly.

Best Price / Quality: TP-Link TL-WPA4220TKIT

what is powerline adapter 2

If you prefer an extra wifi point via the wall socket but prefer not to spend too much money, then this TP-Link could be the perfect solution for you.

Sadly, it has no integrated socket and it is slightly slower than the Devolo, but it is much cheaper!

No WIFI Option: TP-Link PA4020PKIT

what is powerline adapter 3
If you have no need for Wifi and you only want wired internet via a wall socket? In that case, this option is for you.
Keep in mind that you have to connect an access point if you want WiFi. This is useful if you want to connect a printer or an IP internet camera. 

Wifi via power outlet, why can’t you see it everywhere? Does it have drawbacks?

This is because the powerline adapters in large buildings with a lot of electricity groupings may not work properly. This can also be the case in buildings with special electricity cabling. 

We therefore recommend that powerline adapters should only be plugged into one electricity group. If it doesn’t work, fortunately you are always protected as a consumer on Amazon and you can return the adapters within 14 days. 


We hope that this article could help you understand what is powerline adapter and how powerline connection works. Although, Its not one of the recommended method to extend your wireless network because your powerline cable is not specifically designed to transfer data as coaxial cable. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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