How to Fix: Windows 10 Search Bar not Working After Update


How to Fix: Windows 10 Search Bar not Working After Update

Is your Windows 10 search bar not working after latest update from Microsoft? We’ve multiple solutions to fix this issue quickly.

Search bar and start menu are located in Windows 10 at the bottom left of the screen. The search function is often used for quickly launching applications and programs or to open different files. However, after new updates some users have faced this issue of windows 10 search bar not working, therefore we have decided to fix this issue in this post.

The problem is probably on the server side of Microsoft. It is expected that the problem will be solved by itself; If you are one of the users who would like not to wait and fix this asap then you can use two methods explained below.

How to Fix: Windows 10 Search Bar not Working After Update

Method 1:

  1. Press the Windows button + R on your keyboard.
  2. Type cmd and press Enter
  3. Enter the following 3 lines:

reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search /v BingSearchEnabled /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search /v CortanaConsent /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

tskill searchui

Keep in mind that not change anything else in the Registry Editor, this could seriously affect your Windows 10 version.

Method 2:

Since start of feburary 2020, Windows 10 search function no longer worked for many users. No matter what you type, the search window remains empty. Evidently, the problem is on the side of Bing search engine. Luckily, there is a solution to fix it. This will disable the web search and only local search results will be displayed:

  1. Press the key combination [Windows] + [R] to open the Run window.
  2. Type regedit and press [Enter] to open the registry.
  3. Confirm the message with “Yes“.
  4. Navigates to the key:
  5. Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search
  6. Click with the right mouse button in the right window area on a free area and select “New” > “DWORD value (32-bit)“.
  7. Enter BingSearchEnabled as name and press [Enter].
  8. Double click on the new entry “BingSearchEnabled” and enter a 0 as value, if it is not already there.
  9. Search for the entry “CortanaConsent” at the same place and double click on it. If the entry does not exist, create it like the entry “BingSearchEnabled“.
  10. Set the value for “CortanaConsent” to 0 as well.
  11. Restart Windows 10.

The Search bar now will work again, but will no longer display web search results. If you want the search results back from the web, you have to set the values of the registry entries “BingSearchEnabled” and “CortanaConsent” back to 1.

We hope that your issue is resolved now, if the problem still persist feel free to contact us and we will get back to you to fix this issue.

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